DAKOTA Information

Every car or truck has wasted space. You know, the places behind or beneath the seats where loose change and French fries hide. Those spaces are crying for bass. MTX Audio responds with ThunderForm vehicle-specific subwoofer enclosures.On amplified ThunderForm models, MTX Audio has added an on-board, 200-watt, Class-D amplifier. The amp is highly efficient, and has been designed specifically for the subwoofer in the enclosure. You get deep, low bass, without having to wire in a separate amplifier. MTX Audio's "Smart-Engage" Circuitry (patent pending) eliminates the need to remove your factory head-unit during most installations (now, if you don't know how much time that feature alone will save you, just go sit in your car, and imagine having to tear out the whole dash... and really hope you don't snap any of the clips in there).Amplified ThunderForm models feature a proprietary woofer design utilizing a .35 ohm for single woofer, (.7 ohm in parallel for dual woofer), long excursion voice coil. This design takes full advantage of the efficiency of Class D amplifier design while delivering powerful, low frequency extension. Add all of these features up, along with over voltage, over current, and voice coil short protection, and you have a unit that looks and operates like it came as an original part of the vehicle.