More than Just a box, that’s our motto. Atrend is a privately-owned U.S. company with headquarters in Chicago, IL and worldwide hub located in Delhi, India. Atrend’s manufacturing and distribution business is in Mobile and Powersports markets. We strive to provide superior quality audio products to our customers throughout the world. We manufacturer U.S. Built Enclosures in Chicago, IL and offer over 250 unique models all manufactured stateside. Not one item within our Atrend lineup is sourced abroad, and we feel that sets us apart from the competition. With competition comes the need for expansion, for that reason Atrend launched the Bbox brand in 2008. Bbox is our economy series enclosure offering our customers a certain price point without jeopardizing quality.

BCS - Battery Case Holder..


S12 - 12" Woofer Spacer..


S10 - 10" Woofer Spacer..


8TK - 8" Single Truck Sealed..


A8S - Alpine-8" Single Sealed..


SWD - Atrend 4-way Subwoofer Display..


12G - 12" Chrome Grill Pair..


10G - 10" Chrome Grill Pair..


EWD - Atrend 4-Enclosure Display System..



10AME-10" Single Shallow Sealed Downfire..



10DM - 10" Dual Small Sealed..



10DQL - 10" Dual Medium Sealed..



10DQV - 10" Dual Vented..



10DQVAB - 10" Dual Vented XO specific Subwoofer Enclosure..



10DQVDD - 10" Digital Designs Dual Vented..


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