K&N 57-0189 Performance Intake Kit

K&N's 57i induction kits are easy to install, economical, and come with K&N's Million Mile Limited W..


K&N 57-0190-1 Performance Air Intake S..

BMW 325I; 2.5L; 24V; 6CYL; E36; 192BHP 4/91-9/95Application Summary:1994-1995 BMW 325i; 1996 BMW 328..


K&N 57-0197 Performance Air Intake Sys..

BMW 525I L6-2.5L F/I; 1988-1991Application Summary:1989-1990 BMW 525i..


K&N 57-0202-1 Performance Air Intake S..

FORD ESCORT VII L4-1.8L F/I; 1996-2000..


K&N 57-0206 Performance Air Intake Sys..

BMW 318IS M3 4 CYL 92 ONApplication Summary:1995 BMW 318i; 1993-1995 BMW 318is..


K&N 57-0250 Performance Air Intake Sys..

LAND ROVER FREELANDER L4-1.8L F/I; 1997-2006Application Summary:1999-2000 Land Rover Freelander..


K&N 57-0252 Performance Air Intake Sys..

LOTUS ELISE L4-1.8L F/I; 1995-2000..


K&N 57-0259 Performance Air Intake Sys..

VOLVO S40 L4-1.9L F/I; 1997-2000Application Summary:1999-2000 Volvo S40; 1999 Volvo V40..


K&N 57-0276 Performance Air Intake Sys..

BMW 318I L4-1.9L F/I; 1995-2000Application Summary:1996-1999 BMW 318is; 1996-1998 BMW 318ti..


K&N 57-0282 Performance Air Intake Sys..

AUDI A4 1.8I T 150BHP 95 ONApplication Summary:1997 Audi A4 Quattro..


K&N 57-0302 Performance Air Intake Sys..

PEUGEOT 206 L4-1.1/1.4L F/I; 1998-2006Application Summary:2000-2004 Peugeot 206..


K&N 57-0304-1 Performance Air Intake S..

FORD FOCUS L4-1.8L F/I; 1998-2005Application Summary:2000-2004 Ford Focus..


K&N 57-0305 Performance Air Intake Sys..

FORD COUGAR V6-2.5L F/I; 1998-2001Application Summary:1999-2000 Mercury Cougar..


K&N 57-0315 Performance Air Intake Sys..

TOYOTA RAV4 I L4-2.0L F/I; 1994-2000Application Summary:1996-1999 Toyota RAV4..


K&N 57-0331-1 Performance Air Intake S..

BMW MINI ONE/COOPER 1.6L; 16V; 90/116BHPApplication Summary:2002-2003 Mini Cooper; 2005 Mini Cooper..


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